Foster a Cat

Foster an animal in need

CAAA does not have a shelter where we can house animals. Instead we rely on fostering.

Would you like to foster cats or kittens for CAAA? We need you!

If you can help please contact Sura on 072 068 0884 or email here

Help Needed

Currently care is being provided for approximately 320 stray and abandoned animals in the Cape Town area including Brooklyn, Paarden Eiland, Willowbridge, Durbanville, Cape Gate, Cape Town International Airport, Epping and near Fisantekraal. Most of the animals are cats but we also provide help for dogs. Our work includes trapping, testing for feline AIDS and feline leukemia, neutering, and then returning and providing a feeding program.

Pensioners also receive help with feeding and care for their animals in these areas, where possible.

To see how you can help please see our Wish List by clicking here.


Wish List - Capetonians Against Animal Abuse

1.    Wendy house x 2

2.    Branding for CAAA Bakkie

3.    Business cards

4.    Petrol vouchers

5.    New traps x 4 @ R500 per trap

6.    Foster homes for kittens or cats when rescued

7.    Volunteers to do home checks for adoptions

8.    Funds to neuter or sterilize @ R250 per cat

9.    Funds for emergency Vet care/hospital bills

10.    Funds for Feline aids test @ R250 per test (All colonies must be tested)

11.    Cat baskets strong (plastic)

12.    Dry cat / kitten food

13.    Royal Canin Babycat & mousse for small rescue kittens

14.    Towels & baby blankets

15.    Dry dog / puppy food

16.    Tick & Flea control products

17.    Capstar (anti flea)

18.    Deworming products

19.    Small dog kennel ( wood or plastic) x 4 for cattery

20.    Company to sponsor printing

21.    Volunteer to be in charge of tins and counting the money

22.    Car wash vouchers (our cars get very dirty from sick animals, trapping and feeding)

23.    Volunteers to help feed in different areas

24.    Volunteers with a bakkie to help collect food when donated

25.    Gazebo 3mx3m (easy fold out)

26.    Cat beds /clean litter trays

Wish List - Capetonians Against Animal Abuse


The cat above is one of the unfortunates who had been awfully abused, and has been cared for by the volunteers of Capetonians Against Animal Abuse for many years.

Banking Details

Capetonians Against
Animal Abuse

Bank: Standard Bank
Branch: Bayside Branch
Branch No: 022209
Account Type: Cheque
Account No: 271 233 974

To make direct payments for our vet bills please use banking details below.

Durbanville Animal Hospital
Bank: Nedbank
Branch No: 103 710
Account Type: Current
Account No: 103 703 1555
Reference: 16546 + your name

Please remember to send us notice of your payment.