Pinelands Colony

Photo 1 - Colony at Pinelands

These beautiful cats live at the Telkom Technical Services building in Jan Smuts Drive, Pinelands.There are 4 ginger and two black ones. Their mother is a feral who birthed the between the cables and pipes and other plant being stored at the back of building. One of the guys who work in the building started feeding them and when they were big enough we trapped them and tested for feline AIDS and sterilised. They tested negative and were released.

Photo 2 - Colony at Pinelands

It's been more than a year and now they are a happy healthy little colony. They are not tame, but were never encouraged to be. We don't want them going to strangers who might hurt them. They have come to trust their two feeders and even allow the feeders to pet them.They are not a nuisance. Because they have been sterilised they don't fight or make a noise. Out of a building with 200 people, only a handful care for the cats with food or money for food.

Photo 3 - Colony at Pinelands

All it takes is 1 in 10 people to not be apathetic and willing to help. If a handful of people in every block of flats or office building would just make the effort to catch, sterilize and release the cats, you would have happy, nuisance free feral colonies. It's wonderful to feed them, but it's not enough. If their numbers are controlled through sterilization they can even be self-sufficient and catch prey if they don't get fed.